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About Evolving

"All of the civil engineering firms can do a site plan...
but a great engineering firm can do entitlements
and offer a strong client representation."

– Trey Hodge, Retail Plazas

What Sets Evolving Apart

Evolving is a comprehensive design services firm headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. We strive for mutual, sustainable success with our clients by focusing on relationships, clear communication and doing what is right.

We bring a variety of complementary strengths to the table. Our team has many years experience in complex and multifaceted engineering projects.

Evolving builds every project on the most important foundation – meaningful relationships with our clients. As a full service engineering firm, we are strategic ADVOCATES who are committed to developing and delivering solutions that exceed the expectations of the most daunting challenges. With Evolving’s EXPERTISE and a focus on redefining “business as usual,” our team approaches each unique client project with upfront and transparent key principles. Top-of-the-line TECHNOLOGY, innovative ideas, and the meaningful rapport we maintain in our relationships shape the way we reach our client’s ultimate goal and propel them to success.

State of Texas HUB Certified

Our Approach is Built on 5 Key Principles

Put relationships first.

Our clients, our team, and our community. We believe it all starts with relationships. We do what’s right so we can stand together with respect and integrity. We build a partnership culture with our clients and our team so we can achieve mutual, sustainable success.

Treat others as we want to be treated.

This is our foundation for putting relationships first. It sounds simple, but it is the way we approach every relationship, whether clients or the newest member of our team.

Be responsive, and communicate always.

We know process and how to overcome challenges, but often the biggest surprises can come from a lack of communication. We communicate clearly and consistently to keep our clients and team informed. We are responsive, on time and on budget.

Have an evolution mindset.

We approach challenges differently because we believe we must always be learning. We continually pursue the practical application of new technologies and innovative solutions to our work. Strong relationships help us continually evolve our processes and deliver our services simply and efficiently.

Be accountable.

Our clients, our team, and our community depend on us to do what we say. We perform due diligence, work hard to achieve goals, and hold each other accountable for successes and failures. We continually evaluate progress and adjust if needed.

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